Monday, May 30, 2011

NW New Works

There are some exciting shows coming up next month! On The Boards NW New Works Festival will be featuring a ton of great performances. I have been collaborating with a lot of dance works lately and two of these groups have been chosen to participate in the festival.
Part & Parcel (Allie Hankins) has a really great show happening with a lot of themes that are very close to me including great distances and the sea, which are both themes I am very familiar with, so this collaboration has been very satisfying for me. One of the pieces that will be included I created by contact micing the inside of a piano-turned-sculpture, that has been outside in the elements for the past 20 years. This piano sculpture is outside of the post office on Bainbridge Island that I used to go to with my mother. I used to sit outside the post office and throw rocks at the piano to make these insane dissonant chords. One evening a while back, I went to Bainbridge Island late at night and contact miced the piano, recording every sound I could get out of it. I then cut up these sounds in my computer to create this piece. I am super happy this piece finally found a home.
Weekend two features Haruko Nishimura performing restructured dance from the Red Shoes Project and some of my pieces from the show, performed by myself and a live string quartet.
One final note; my old main man, Sam Mickens, has created music for Shannon Stewart's piece that I am sure will be great, also in the 2nd weekend!

Weekend 1 | Mainstage Theater Showcase
June 11 - 12 at 8pm
Holcombe Waller – Music (Portland)
Part & Parcel – Dance
Paige Barnes – Dance
Jessica Jobaris & general magic – Dance

Weekend 2 | Mainstage Theater Showcase
June 19 - 18 at 8pm
aluminum siding & mattisonthemove - Dance
Haruko Nishimura - Dance
The Blank Department - Music
Shannon Stewart – Dance | Film

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