Monday, December 13, 2010

Kule Kule Live @ Nuemos

Last night at Nuemos in Seattle. Me and my sextet played a bunch of songs including this one. I arranged this cover of Konono No 1's Kule Kule for this crew of players and it turned out well. The video and audio were shot on my Iphone so its not so clear but I think I might be getting a different more high quality version of it soon. Thanks Mayumi for shooting this!
Also been working super hard on this new Kultur Shock record. It is sounding really cool and it is really fun to be around this different kind of music. Yesterday we recorded about 20 people marching and singing which was great. Tomorrow, horns and more violins. should be wrapping it up this weekend!
Kule Kule (Orchestral Version) by Jherek Bischoff

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  1. I heard this and all I wanted to do was take photographs. Thank you for a great orchestration.